Foreign and domestic businesses invest US$ 9 billion in green sectors

Domestic and foreign-invested enterprises have poured around US$9 billion in green growth-related projects, said Nguyen Anh Tuan, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

Mr. Anh Tuan made the announcement at a seminar themed “FDI enterprises in Viet Nam’s green growth,” held by the VGP in Ha Noi on April 27. 

The above amount of investment accounted for two percent of the nation’s GDP but investment inflows in green growth increased by 10-13 percent over the past two years.

This positive trend showed that the business community, including FDI enterprises, has helped to create behavioral changes in production and consumption, contributing to the realization of green growth goals.

Viet Nam is considered as a successful model in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) thanks to its increasingly improved institutions and investment environment; stable politics and high potentials for economic growth.

However, the goal of green growth is difficult. In fact, the number of large enterprises and corporations investing in Viet Nam remains modest, said Nguyen.

Chris Hogg – Vice President, Director of Sustainability and Communications for Asia, Oceania and Africa, Nestlé Group said, his business also wants to become a zero-emission business, but a specific implementation schedule is required.

“2050 may be a long time, from now to the deadline, it is necessary for us to craft roadmaps and milestones. For example, in 2025, there will be a 20 percent reduction in net emissions, a 50 percent reduction in 2030 and zero in 2050,” said Chris Hogg./.

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